Can You Really Get Free Stuff Online? Yes, You Can!

There are lots of free stuff you can get online. You only need to know is where to look for them! There are many legit websites you can get free stuff, but there are also many scams, so you need to be very careful about the information you give out online. 

I have found many websites and apps that are trustworthy when it comes to giving away freebies online, whether you’re looking for a new couch or smartphone app. And at no point do you have to pay for anything, but you will have to register with a valid email address. 

However, there are websites where you may need to pay little to get the product. Such as businesses provide cheap-but-not-free deals and offers. If you are not willing to part with a dime, you can always stick to the ‘totally’ free sites.


On Craigslist, you will see that people post a range of services, including free giveaways. However, not all the free stuff you get there would be of high quality, but you could still find some rare gems if you search hard enough. Get on the website and find the link to your local Craigslist. Under the ‘For Sale’ heading, click the Free Link, and you will find a list of nearby offerings. The items you can find are anything from free furniture to garden tools to toys and more. There’s no telling what exactly can be found on Craigslist’s free listing.

Hey, It’s Free!

Since 2006, Hey, it’s Free! has been offering free stuff to interested people. Items you can get on the site include movie tickets, beauty products, magazine subscriptions, gift cards, groceries, and lots more. Hey, it’s Free! stand out from any other site because of its human curation. The community summits the offers and deals, and they ensure that every offer is vetted thoroughly to keep out scams. 

The website will also state clearly the challenges you may likely encounter (if any) to get your freebie. When you get on the website, check the comment section under each post. You will find potential warnings like deals that expire quickly or extra steps you need to take to access the offer.

Free Samples

Many companies out there are looking to distribute their products to potential customers. And that’s why was created—to allow you to choose free food, beauty products, video games, and more. I found out that the site has an organized interface; all the offers are straightforward, with quick links that take you straight to the available deals. They are also honest about their offerings. For example, if a deal would require you to register your details first, they make it clear from the onset. updates once in twenty-four hours. In clicking through the offer pages, I found that all items listed are always active and available.


FreeCycle is a non-profit with a community of over 9 million members that aim to maximize the earth’s limited resources. One way they try to achieve this is to find new homes for unwanted items so that they don’t end up in a landfill. Because of their activities, there’s no telling what you could get from FreeCycle, from TV sets to beds for pets, and more. Because FreeCycle depends on community groups, you have to visit the site and search for offers that are particular to your location. 

I found that some regions have more activity than others. However, you should be able to find a good selection, unless you’re in an area with a small population. On FreeCycle, you can post and read other people’s comments. Therefore, if you have a specific item you’re looking for, you can ask for it on the website.

Freaky Freddie’s

Freaky Freddie’s has been around for a long time, and its freebies are usually more valuable, with fewer strings attached, compared to the other sites. I found that the website has everything from teaching supplies to food samples. Also, Freaky Freddie’s collects deals from other services that list free stuff, saving you the stress of having to dig through each website yourself. 

When you get on the site, head to the section where Freaky Freddie’s displays the most recent deals. That’s the fastest way to get to the offers as they update the site frequently, posting new items every day. If you are searching for a specific product, you can narrow your search by clicking on any of the categories listed on the left side of the page.

Free Stuff Times

While checking out Free Stuff Times, I found that the website has a clean layout, doesn’t spam users with ads, researches its offers thoroughly, and straightforwardly lists its offers. Free Stuff Times covers both physical and digital products. In browsing through the site, I discovered that the items they giveaway include ebooks, food samples, clothing, pet toys, magazines, and beauty products. Free Stuff Times make a weekly summary list available to its users. The list contains recent updates that are easily digestible and allows you to find new deals quickly.

With freebie scams all over the internet, I advise that you should be careful when you decide to take your search for freebies beyond the websites listed above. Everyone loves free stuff, but you should be cautious when choosing to sign up for an offer. Or else, a scam could cost you more than you bargained for.

Want more freebies?

If you really want to find the best freebies online, all you need to do is visit every day. New content is added all the time, and the best offers get scooped up really fast!