The Best Free Domain Name Generators on the Internet

Branding is very important. This helps to identify a unique product or service in the market. Getting a name for your product is another way of branding. Everything is centered around branding.

The name or brand of your business, in this case, your domain name. This helps to generate a safe atmosphere when your product is seen or thought of (your website). Its also helps in lead generation as a unique name generates trust in customers. Let’s just say there’s more to talk about concerning how good brand names attract customers.  

Now our days choosing the right domain names is just like choosing the right name for physical products. Time spent trying to figure out a name to use might not be the best of your time spending ways. Sometimes it gets really boring. But keep in mind that getting the right name is worth the stress. This is a step in every business that all entrepreneurs must cover. 

Although it sometimes consumes a lot of valuable time, it’s recommended for entrepreneurs to begin thinking of a suitable name. This will help you get your domain name very early beforehand. Even as early as a year before you start working on the actual idea.

Why ask about domain names?

Surely you might be able to get a domain name for just $11 or so. this can either be you or someone else depending on how fast you were able to come up with that cool name.

Before you begin your search on five of the best free domain name generators, don’t forget to go with something simple. You don’t need a very long domain name. Try keeping it around one to two combined words ( or Avoid any problem by taking off popular brand’s names. Instead, get creative and ensure the name can still relate to the website even after some years of changing.

The Top Five Domain Name Generators

There are some tools on the internet that can aid in planning, working, and managing your domain names. You can start by thinking of ideas that relate just fine with your website purpose using one or as many of these tools as desired.


Nameboy is an online tool which has been around for quite some time now. It is very useful in situations that require the merging of two words to produce a unique one. It also gives you the option of adding or removing hyphens in your domain name. It provides options for words that rhyme.

This online tool also provides the option of add to cart for a domain name. But you will need to be logged in. It also provides tracking and managing options for all your domain names. This is indeed a very helpful tool to make use off.


This is also a great tool that provides you with a lot of options for users to either buy or sell a domain name. It features domains on sale and exclusive NameJet domain names which can be bought instantly. It also has special features such as bulk sales bidding, authentic bidding, last minute bidding, just to name a few.

Even though as you’ve guessed, this is not an actual domain name generator. But the population of domain names on sale is enough to give you a head start on your domain name. Even if you don’t by, this is a very helpful tool.


KnowEm is an actual domain name generator with a social option. You can start searching your domain names across 500 well known social site. It also provides you with a database of over a hundred and fifty domain names. Again it allows you access to the USPTO trademark database.

Alongside getting a domain name, it provides you with a profile creating option. This allows you to create social profiles across all sites listed. It also comes with  KnowEm profile created by their staff.


“Just start typing” is the phrase used by Instant Domain Search to differentiate itself from others five of the best free domain name generators out there. This online tool alerts you on whether or not your domain name is available. Well, as it is, this is possible if you begin to type any name on their very simple to use interface. If the domain name you entered is taken, it will alert you to make some changes, else, you are good.

It also has WHOIS information on the result page that allows you to know has that particular domain. This is a useful tool used to contact the owner and verify whether or not it is on sale. They keep no records of your search results and all searches are protected (https encrypted).


This online tool combines online domain name generator and registration in time space of 180 seconds. It also provides single-click services and apps. Gives you about 500+ new domain names options with the ability to register any.

How to Pick a Great Domain Name

So if you are still yet to get a suitable name for your website, waste no time. Go to any of the above tools and get variations of your name.

And if you are still looking for some useful tools and resources to help with the launch of your new online business, be sure to check out our free WordPress guide and how to create a logo for your brand as well.