8 Excellent Free Logo Design Tools to Try Out

These online free tools allow entrepreneurs to create high-quality professional looking logos with just a few steps. Creating a logo can sometimes look an impossible and daunting task, but not to worry, using these online logo makers can help you create a professional logo without breaking a sweat.

Every brand has its identifier- the logo establishes your company’s identity and makes a bold statement when you have a beautiful and attractive logo attached to your business name. A unique logo is a very important part of marketing strategy as it stand’s you out from the crowd. And more importantly, is finding the best free tools and resources to help you get the job done right the first time around.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why a well-designed logo is worth more than a thousand texts. The first impression you give to your potential customers is very important and having a professional looking logo stand’s you out from your competitors.

Even if you are just starting out, you’ll be a serious contender with a distinctive, professional-looking logo. In this article, you’ll find a list of online logo tools you can easily use to design your own logos.


UCraft is a website builder company they offer free cloud hosting, web template and much more. With UCraft, you can create outstanding logo designs with ease. UCraft offers a wide variety of icons, shapes, and text. In UCraft, you are required to make an account before you can download the logos but that is a small price to pay for a free nice-looking logo. Using UCraft is simple, just choose an icon, add your business name and customize your fonts and colours.  This website is an excellent choice for newbies because of the simplicity in its operation, a lame man with little exposure to the internet can also make nice looking logos using UCraft, all you need do is follow the instructions and allow UCraft work its magic.


Many people know Canva as a social media tool, but it can actually be used to create logos. Apart from logo creation, Canva can also be used to make a business card and even presentations. Canva utilizes a drag and drop feature in creating professional and stunning graphics. With Canva, you are an easy five steps away from getting a great logo design. The best part is that the logo will be high resolution at no extra charge. You can download the Canva app and start designing your own logos straight from your phone.

To learn more about this process, be sure to check out the short video below on how to create a quick and easy design using Canva.


With Logastar you may not necessarily need to go through the process of creating logos yourself as they have over 8 thousand already made logos for you to choose from. Logastar is sometimes called an all-purpose online service because of the numerous services they offer. In a matter of minutes, it provides multiple variations of your logo, it will help you compare the various logos and edit them according to your requirements. Here are the simple steps in using Logastar. First, put the name of the company along with the industry your company falls under. When you do that, they will show you logo concept examples to choose from. Choose your logo concept and change colours, text or icon. Then you are done and ready to save your logo. download the small size logo for free or purchase the high-resolution file for just $9.99.

Oberlo Logo Maker

This user-friendly free logo creator allows you to play around with endless variations on your business name. it allows you to experiment with fonts, colours, icons and even positionings as you develop the perfect logo for your business. Using Oberlo logo maker is fun and painless as it helps you make professionally looking logos in a short time. Creating a business logo looks like a big deal for most people, but with these simple steps, you can create a fantastic logo design. Simply choose an icon, edit the icon, add your business name and choose fonts, colours and position all your info to your own taste. 

Logo Makr

On arriving at the website, you will find a helpful video that shows you exactly how to use their free tools. Just like Canva, their interface is also drag and drop. This logo creator is very easy to use, although it is a bit limited when compared to most online logo makers in terms of customization. The low-resolution option is free to download, but they do charge for the high-resolution file.


This is a logotype generator prototype that works with algorithms which take your preference into account in order to create the kind of logo you want. This logo design software learns over-time what type of options you like. The software is also a trend seeker, if you liked logos from other people, it will learn that these are popular and will try and implement their design into yours.

Logo Foundry

Logo foundry can be used by both professionals and people without prior design experience to create custom, creative and beautiful looking logos in no time. It possesses a great collection of inbuilt tools that lets you create professional logos. This online logo creator also allows you to download a person’s logo and edit it within the app.

The free version of logo foundry only lets you work with geometrical shapes. You can change their sizes and colours, creating various compositions. The paid version includes more than 3000 different images you can work with. Its layer system allows you to perform different modifications without losing any of your work.

And you can learn more about this logo design tool through the video tutorial below.

Hipster Logo Generator

With just a few clicks you can create as many logos as you want, and the best part is, it’s free to create designs. You can choose from quirky designs, shapes, and names for your company. you can also add text if you have already got some names ideas for your company. the Hipster Logo Generator possesses various style and pictures, to make sure your logo is creative and unique. You can download the 600 X 500 px file for free. They only charge $5 for the high-resolution options.

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