Can You Really Get Paid to Complete Online Surveys?

By taking online surveys you can earn money as companies are ready to pay to get a glimpse of what is in the minds of their customers. And if you spend some time looking around for different survey sites and offers that you can start completely today, you will likely find more than you have enough time for!

The reason for this is companies use the answers provided in these surveys to improve their marketing strategies and the quality of their products and services.

With all of that being said, today we are going to dive into the world of online surveys and how to get paid for your valuable opinions and time.

Why do Businesses pay for Online Surveys?

One may think that receiving payment by completing an online survey looks bizarre. Why a company would pay you just for your views and opinions? In reality, many companies depend on surveys and customers feedback for their decision making. Businesses that don’t have a unit to track consumer surveys, they often hire survey firms to do this task for them.  

Feedback from consumers assists companies in making more money by refining and modifying the products and ads before releasing them to the public. This is the reason, businesses are willing to pay you for the time you invest in taking a survey. The info you provide them is important for the success of the brand.

How Online Surveys Works

Taking a survey is not a complicated process, rather it is very simple but takes a bit of your time to get started. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to complete an online survey and get paid.

Search for a legitimate company to sign up 

There are lots of legitimate online survey companies. For instance, Swagbucks is the most popular and well-known online survey company. The first step is to sign up for the company.  

Create a profile and fill out the required details

To complete a survey for each company, you will have to create a separate profile. You will have to fill out all the profile information and complete it. Each survey is directed to a specific demographic area, so the company will not let you complete the survey until they confirm that your profile best fits the demographic info they want. 

Get and complete surveys 

Many companies offering online survey will let you know of their available surveys via email. You can find some of the surveys that are immediately available to take. Other surveys may require you to spend some time answering presurvey queries to make sure that you are suitable for the demographic. 

If you are eligible for the survey, you can continue and take the survey to get the reward. Sometimes you can get products in your mail that you need to review. You just have to answer the questions asked in the survey. At times it is as simple as responding to some multiple-choice questions. While sometimes, you may require to write long and detailed answers to more specific questions.

Earn rewards 

The reward receiving procedure varies greatly from one company to the other. Companies sometimes give you points that you can use to get rewards or cash. Some companies directly transfer to your PayPal account and many others enter your name lottery drawing.

The steps discussed above are general and may vary from one survey company to the other, so make sure that you recognize how the procedure works when you sign-up.

How much you can make from online surveys

To be honest, you are not going to earn a lot of money by taking surveys online, however, you can get some rewards or extra money for fun and other uses. The rewards from financial surveys vary from less than $1 to over $20, however, they are generally on the lower end of that range i.e. $1 to $5. If you can complete multiple surveys per day, you can get quite a bit of money at the end of the month.

Who should you trust?

Regardless of all the scams online, many legitimate online survey companies are there which offer their members the opportunity to complete surveys to get paid. The right way to check whether the company is legitimate or not is to read reviews and look for their social media existence such as Twitter account, Insta, or Facebook page to get an idea about the company.

Sites to Consider

As discussed above there are hundreds of legitimate online survey companies out there, which you can safely sign up to earn little money and rewards. Some of the companies are Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Springboard Panel, Harris Poll Online, CashCrate, MintVine, Toluna, Opinion Outpost,, Global Test Market, MyPoints, LightSpeed Research, 20/20 Research, PineCone Research, Valued Opinions, and many more.

When to Avoid a Survey Company

Although the sites we listed above are trustworthy, you can’t blindly trust every company that claims to reward you for taking surveys. You should avoid survey sites if they ask for your personal or private information, ask for payment (legitimate sites will never ask for payment to sign up), pay too little, or have a glitch or outdated sites. 

If the company has no ratings or history, you should not take a survey over there. Well-developed firms are more trustworthy. You can check what real users say about them and you can also verify their history of payments and existing opportunities.

Keep Real Expectations 

Online surveys are a good way to get some money or reward for people looking for an easy way to earn some money while on the go or at home. If you don’t want to share your demographic or expecting a high hourly rate, you should go for other options. It is a slow process and you may have to invest hours of effort to get small money at the end. 

If you want to try online surveys, be realistic about the money you will make. Your time is extremely valuable and you need to manage it wisely so that you can increase your earnings. You can sign up for more than one site to get the best opportunities and check the company before signing in. If you don’t have extra time to waste, then simply look for a new way to get an extra stream of money.