4 Pragmatic Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Content Writer

How can companies gain 3.5 times more webpage traffic? By starting a blog.

Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, blogging for search engine optimization can be tricky and time-consuming for businesses. That’s why SEO content writers are here to boost your online marketing strategy!

Are you still wondering how a blog writer can help your company?

Check out these four key reasons to hire an SEO content writer.

1. Writers Save You Time

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing requires more than just writing a quirky blog post. It takes significant time and energy to research keywords, generate topics, and create and schedule content. Digital content planning can quickly fill up your calendar, leaving you with less time for other important business matters.

Business owners know that time is money, and you can waste a lot of time generating content that will likely be less effective. Instead, outsource the work to a writer who knows how to write SEO content.

2. Writers Understand Online Marketing

Writing your own blog content can feel like a shot in the dark. Content writers know how to catch and keep consumers’ attention within a vast online marketplace.

Another benefit to hiring SEO content writers may be their age demographic. 53% of blog writers are between the age of 21 and 35. Because they have more experience growing and living in the digital world, young writers have a firm grasp on successful online marketing techniques.

Of course, all writers spend a lot of time online. Writers understand pop culture trends, witty humor, and ever-changing memes. In other words, SEO content writers know how to wield the language of the internet.

Writers Build Your Brand Voice

3. Writers Build Your Brand Voice

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a great company vision, but you may not know how to express it.

From “about us” pages to frequent, engaging blog posts, content writers can help you develop your brand’s voice and stand out from the crowd. Customers and clients will feel that they understand your company more personally after reading your written content. Most readers will come across your page while seeking a professional answer to their questions.

SEO blog posts present a great opportunity to connect with clients and customers. They also prove your company’s expertise in its field! Improper spelling and grammar can seriously hurt your company’s reputation, so hiring a writing expert is important.

With successful blog posts, your page will become a trusted industry resource. This leads to greater exposure and marketing that practically speaks for itself.

4. Writers Generate Sales

Let’s be frank; the end goal of content marketing is to increase your sales. Blog content boosts search engine rankings, generates more traffic, and promotes your company vision.  With all of these great things, sales are bound to increase!

Most blog posts will include a specific call-to-action (CTA). CTAs encourage readers to purchase your product or contact your company for more information. CTAs and other internal links in the blog post are crucial for sending readers where you want them to go!

Trust an SEO Content Writer

These are only four of the numerous benefits of starting a business blog and hiring a blog writer. Remember the immense value an SEO content writer can bring to your company and your business marketing strategy!

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