How to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions By Mail

Millions of magazines are printed in massive bulk and shipped out to stores and businesses around the world. With so many titles being printed, they are surely sending out some free subscriptions and promotional copies in the process.

Do you find magazine subscriptions expensive when you want to subscribe to these thematic periodicals? You should know that there are good plans that allow you to receive magazines for free, yes, I do mean free by searching the internet.

Take advantage of free subscriptions by meeting certain conditions

Free magazine subscriptions are possible thanks to the discovery offers proposed by publishers who wish to make their periodicals known. Obtaining free and legal samples of magazines is easy by logging on to the right site.

The magazines in these good deals are often new periodicals that you want to make known. This marketing operation benefits both readers and publishers. You can thus benefit from the appearance of new magazines to read free samples that you will receive at home. To take advantage of this service, you will have to do some research on the web using the appropriate keywords: subscription, magazine and free.

Flip through the first pages of recently published magazines for free

You can read for free the first few pages of the latest issues of weekly, monthly and annual publications by logging on to a subscription site. This possibility allows you to see the quality of a magazine. If you are convinced after reading a few pages, especially the big titles, you can subscribe to the paper version or opt for a digital reading.

Get a subscription from friends and family

Free online magazine subscriptions are a good idea to offer months of subscriptions to a loved one. The service also allows you to enjoy hours of reading without paying anything, for example by mentioning that you are a fan of a magazine and would like to receive months of a package for your birthday present.

Where can I get free magazine subscriptions?

The first thing to do to find free magazine subscriptions is to do some prospecting on a search engine. By entering the keywords subscription, free and magazine, the Internet user can find sites that offer magazines or free publications and books. Those who want to go directly to the links proposing a list of numerous free magazines, can immediately go to the available links. Internet users will then be able to access a registration form allowing them to subscribe online to the magazines of their choice. The magazines offered are varied. There is something for everyone.

Which magazines are available for free on the net?

Offering free online subscriptions is an advertising campaign that allows magazines to become known to the general public. Free subscription offers are sometimes limited. Among the magazines that offer a subscription in exchange for a few magazines we can mention the following:

  • Grazia
  • ELLE
  • Femina
  • GEO
  • and many daily news papers.

In short, several magazines and even newspapers are available for free on the net. Unfortunately these offers are very short in time in quantity, and they are sold out very quickly. To get these magazines without paying money, you have to register and leave your contact details with as much personal information as possible. The different groups and companies will use our data to communicate to us different advertisements or commercial proposals in exchange.

Advantages of free subscriptions

To benefit from free subscriptions to the paper journals, the procedure takes place on the internet. Even though normally the monthly or weekly book is available in paper format by subscribing to these magazines free of charge, you can take advantage of the digital versions of the magazine. The quality of the magazine is identical to that of the paper version. The content of the articles, the illustrations… the difference is that you need a computer connected to the web to be able to download the magazine sent to the person’s email address. It is sometimes possible to save the magazine on the computer or on a memory card and consult it later.

Our opinion on free magazine subscriptions

People who feel the need to read magazines without having to spend money on subscriptions to often expensive books can make do with subscriptions to free magazines. Thanks to these offers, it is possible to read your weekly and/or monthly magazines completely free of charge. Unfortunately these offers are far too rare and very often they expire when they are found. Registration forms are available on the net. The information to be filled in varies according to the magazine you are interested in. They are generally simple to complete.

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