How to Contact Companies and Request Free Samples?

Most people think that to get companies to send them free product samples, you must participate in some type of survey or register on the company’s website. But, why go through all that rigmarole when you can ask them directly? 

By simply writing the company an email or a letter, you can get some free stuff or coupons. Some people see it as a little degrading to ask for free stuff, but these companies have so many products to give out for free that they will be glad you even asked them.

Free Stuffs You Can Get

Keep in mind that some companies may not be interested in sending you free samples, and some might. It can depend on how you ask or the company’s policy. Some free products you can get include:

  • Household product samples
  • Perfume samples
  • Makeup samples
  • Coupons (for free products or 50% off)
  • Full-size products
  • Discounts and vouchers

Keep reading to learn how to contact companies and request free product samples.

Tips For Getting Free Stuff

  1. Compile a list of companies whose products you use and love. 
  2. Find the company’s mailing address. 
  3. Write a sincere letter expressing your love for their products.
  4. Ask for free samples at the end of the letter. 

Compile a list of companies whose products you use and love

The first step to getting free product samples is to compile a list of the companies you hope to get free samples from. The list of companies can be any number—two or five or ten or twenty. Look around your home or office, and add the names of companies you love and use their product. 

For instance, if you wear makeup or perfumes, you can write to companies like Clinique, Rimmel, Carma Labs, ChapStick, Burt’s Bees, Lush, etc.

Food companies you could write to include: Kraft, Celestial Seasonings, Twinings, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Wrigley’s. For food companies, you may get coupons, but some could send a few samples, too.

Other companies you could write to include: Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, Apple, etc. These companies may offer you discounts, but if you’re lucky, you could get free samples.

Find the company’s mailing address

After compiling the list of companies, you need to get their contact details. You can find a company’s address on their Contact Us or About Us page or by looking at the Contact Us information on the product. Make a note of each company and ensure that you don’t get them mixed up. Sending the wrong letter would not be good. Sometimes, it may be challenging to find a company’s address. If you can’t get their address, just move on to the next. 

Email or Letter: Which One is Better? 

Keep in mind that you will pay for stamps and envelopes if you choose to write a letter. Letters may suggest to the company that you love their product so much that you took out the time to write and send them a letter. Most people have found success with letters rather than emails. But both routes can be effective. It depends on which you feel more comfortable with.

Write a sincere letter expressing your love for their products

After you have gotten each company’s address, you can write them a letter or email. Tell them how much value their company and products, why they are the best in making that product, and what you love about the product. 

Additionally, tell them about your experience as you used their product and that you would love to try other products they have. Then tell them that you would like to receive some samples. Follow the examples below:

Tell Them How Much You Love The Company 

When you write, say something like, “I love how your [name of cream] is so soft and dissolves into my skin instantly,” or “I used your [name of lotion] for two weeks, and my skin started to glow just like you said it would.” You can use a whole paragraph to explain two or three of their products you use.

Tell Them That You Have Come To Trust Them So Much

Say that you always buy their products because you like to be in the know, and you trust them because they consistently deliver excellence every time. Say something like this, “Your company has produced some excellent soaps that meet the needs of my skin. For that, I always buy your brand because I know that you will deliver the best every time.”

Mention Your Personal Experience

Talk about your experience with their product. Say something like this, “Every time I wash my hair with your [name of shampoo], my friends compliment me on how soft and supple my hair is.” Then say that you would love to try other products they have. “I am now such a loyal customer over the years, and I would love to try more of your products. Would you be so kind as to send a few samples? I’ll be so grateful. Thank you.”

Ask for free samples at the end of the letter

Requesting samples should come last. After completing the first three steps, you can say, “Would you be so kind as to send me a few samples of your new [(or existing)] product to try out?” Or say, “can you send me some samples of your product?”

Few Sentences You Can Swipe And Incorporate into Your Letter or Email

I have come to believe that your company makes the finest [fill in product type] in the world.

I have come to trust your company so much as you deliver five-star excellence every time.

Your cookies or cakes are so delicious! They melt in my mouth every time I eat them. 

Thank you for producing such an amazing [product name] that cleared my acne in two days. 

Your [name of product] is so well-manufactured and is made so intricately.

With many synthetic products flying around in the market, I love the way your [name of product] is 100% organic and natural.

I would love to try other products in your line. Would you be so kind as to send me a few samples? 

I recommend your [name of product] every time someone compliments me. I have become such a big fan of [name of brand].

Finally, remember to be nice and friendly when you communicate with the company. Also, let them know when you receive your sample by sending a thank you letter. Tell them that if it works out for you, you will buy the next one and recommend it to your friends and family, online and offline. Doing this may earn you other samples as they come up with new products.