7 Ideas on Where to Find Free Stuff Online

Everybody likes bargains and what better deal than getting things totally free? Free samples, food for example, and free entertainment are available to people who know where to look. Stop paying unnecessarily for things you can get for free elsewhere. Start looking in the right place and spend less money.

In this article I will present you different solutions that can help you get free stuff like objects of all kinds, food products, cosmetics, etc…

1- Free stuff websites

To recover free items, such as furniture, tools, used electronics and even … a car with a bit of luck, you can turn to the sites of free items.

These sites allow you to collect objects for free – you can also give them away – as long as you go and get the object you want from the owner.

You can find everything on such sites, most of the time they are second-hand items, but you can also find new ones and it can save a lot of money, 

 2- Free samples

To get free tips you can also regularly visit sites that reference free sample offers.

Of course, a sample is still a… sample, so it really saves very little money, but it’s always nice to get a free stuff in your mailbox.

3- Take surveys

To receive more and more free tips, you can also take advantage of the market studies launched by the companies.

For example, you can receive free items, or products to consume, by testing products and giving your opinion in return. Sometimes you can even get paid in addition to receiving a free product at home.

You can also take advantage of certain free services, or go shopping for free, by becoming a mystery shopper. For example, you can stay in a hotel, eat in a restaurant, buy clothes, etc… for free, everything is paid for by the company that organizes the market research and in return you just have to take advantage of the opportunity and give your opinion at the end of the experience.

You can become a mystery shopper quite easily, there are many market research sites, but to get the most interesting missions in terms of money, you need to have the right profile, at the right time and in the right place.

 4- Exchanging objects and/or services

Here it’s not really free, since you give to receive, but in any case the money doesn’t come into play.

To continue saving money by taking advantage of the free stuff we can turn to barter. You can barter objects as well as time (services).

To do this there are many sites that connect people who want to trade.

By using barter you can also obtain vacations at a lower cost, by getting free accommodation through home exchange. Or you can also offer to host someone for free for a few days in exchange for a service.

 5- Recovering without the Internet

To get free stuff you can simply be on the lookout in everyday life. For example, you can retrieve free stuff in places where you store bulky items, for example there is often a room provided for this purpose at the foot of buildings. It is also possible to collect it from the people around you.

6- It’s homemade!

You can also… create your own objects for free, using elbow grease, imagination and scrap materials.

Moreover, you can round off your income by doing this. The homemade is a market that works very well, you can for example sell your creations on the very famous web market places such as ebay, and you can also sell your creations on specialized websites such as alittleMarket and Etsy.

 7- Create your own vegetable garden or make a breeding…

Of course, this is about getting free food… well, it’s not really free since it can require a starting investment, but it can be worth the candle.

We can for example make a vegetable garden in which we grow our own vegetables or make a hen farm to get free eggs. Even if you live in an apartment, you can also create a mini-garden in which you grow herbs for example.

 … or share your garden

If you don’t have a green thumb, or no time, and you have a garden that you don’t use or only partially use, you can share it with someone who would grow vegetables/fruits.

It is a system that works very well, especially in cities, many people are looking for a piece of land to create a vegetable garden and offer to share the fruits of their harvest with the owner who would accept to host them.

Moreover there are even specialized sites in this field.

It’s a very interesting concept, it can allow you to meet a nice person, to use a garden… unused and moreover you get services in return (like maintenance, or courses for example) or food like fruits and vegetables, jam or even honey in the context of a garden sharing with a beekeeper.