YouTube Vs. TikTok Boxing Challenge – Who Won?

TikTok has been taking the world by storm and pitted against YouTube. It’s a rivalry that isn’t going to die easily. So, let’s compare the two video platforms based on relevant metrics and find out who wins – YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing Challenge.

YouTube and TikTok have been duking it out for the last few months. It doesn’t look like either will back down any time soon.

Both companies have big marketing budgets, and both have big production departments. But which social platform has the best overall product?

Both YouTube and TikTok have strong communities and a lot of users in the world. They are a great platform to find people to follow and share your work.

The fight between TikTok and YouTube has been a long-standing battle between the platforms. Well, it’s finally happening.

Why is this trending TikTok fight even happening? 

As TikTok grows in popularity, some people have scratched their heads as to why they’re not more popular on the platform. 

The fight between YouTube and TikTok will battle who has the best video-sharing app. Both Youtube and TikTok are video platforms and smartphones apps that allow users to view videos. 

Both have become popular because of their content types, but Youtube has been winning this fight because of its huge audience. 80% of the online population uses Youtube, while only 15% uses TikTok.

This can be explained by how Youtube was created years before TikTok. Also, the fact that Google owns it helps it grab more users. This gives Youtube a clear advantage over TikTok, owned by the Chinese company Bytedance.

Which platform is the better? Let’s find out.

Who won TikTok vs. YouTube boxing?

Team YouTube has won the Battle of the Platforms. After a dramatic evening of KOs, surprise wins, and controversial ties, Team YouTube took home five victories.

TikTok wasn’t without its own share of memorable moments: Team TikTok’s Matthew Espinosa, who came in second in his match to Team YouTube’s Gabriel Conte, was still wildly popular with the crowd. (Who could forget that iconic backflip he did?)

And though TikTok’s Charli D’Amelio lost her match against Team YouTube’s Emma Chamberlain, her fans didn’t seem to mind in a surprising upset.

The star athlete? Team YouTube’s Ethan Klein fought a hard battle against TikTok’s Josh Richards and won.

Overall, it was a fun night for all. Now we’re just wondering which platforms will face off next year.

According to this website, the full results of the fight are listed below.

YouTube vs TikTok Fight schedule, results

Ryan JohnstonCale SaurageRyan Johnson: Winner by stopping Saurage
Landon McBroomBen AzelartLandon McBroom: Winner by TKO
FaZe JarvisMichael LeFaZe Jarvis: Winner by KO
DDGNate WyattDDG: Winner by Unanimous Decision
AnEsonGibTayler HolderAnEsonGib and Tayler Holder: Majority Draw
DejiVinnie HackerVinnie Hacker: Winner by TKO
Austin McBroomBryce HallAustin McBroom: Winner by TKO

What time is YouTube vs. TikTok boxing?

Are you heading to a friend’s house tonight for the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match? If you’re confused about what time it starts or just need help prepping for the party, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you know those videos of cute little kids boxing each other floating around social media lately? They’re part of a new challenge called the TikTok Boxing Challenge, and they’ve got people taking up the sport of boxing in droves.

The YouTube vs. TikTok boxing card takes place on Saturday, June 12, and starts at 7 p.m. ET. KSI and Jake Paul will be competing for their chance to win this fight for their respective companies, and millions of viewers can watch along as well.

How does a TikTok boxing match work?

Well, it’s not necessarily like the Rocky movies. But we’re here to break down exactly what happens.

If you’re not sure how these matches work, you’ve probably missed out on the drama on YouTube vs. TikTok.

There have been many heated battles between the two companies over who’s better and who deserves to win, which led to many hurt feelings and angry comments.

There will be five rounds of matches, and judging will be involved. There will be a winner by the end of it.

Each round lasts two minutes, and, in the event of a knockdown, it will be added to the fighter’s scorecard.

The judges for these fights are not professional boxers or even amateur ones; rather, they are people who have been watching boxing for years and see themselves as experts on the subject.

How much is the TikTok vs. YouTube fight?

The TikTok vs. YouTube fight is $10 million. That’s a lot of money, and we can’t wait to see how the fight goes down.

It turns out that the total prize money will be split between both fighters by their respective contracts. The winner will receive 60% of the prize money and the loser 40%.

TikTok Boxing Challenge Summary

There are many reasons why it’s still worth using Youtube, despite how good TikTok is and its features compared to Youtube. The first obvious aspect is its mammoth user base of over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide.

However, there’s more to it than that – while TikTok supports the ability to upload a video and share it with friends on the platform itself, people still need a YouTube account to upload their videos and post them to the website.

Additionally, the desktop version of Youtube is easier to use than TikTok, which can be tricky when you are just trying to hit record and start recording your videos.

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